What Makes a Good Group Training Session?

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Group training sessions, whether they are being run indoors as a “circuit” style session, or outside, as a “bootcamp” style workout, must still follow the basic rules of programme design that we looked at in my previous program design articles.

If there's one thing that EPTI founders know about… it's group training!!!
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Therefore, every workout must include:
1. Warm up and dynamic stretch
2. Main conditioning phase
3. Cool down & post-workout stretch

Now, we’re going to tell you about a little trick we use for our group training, which help keep our sessions consistent and balanced in terms of providing instruction and giving motivation to the group.

The Circle of Awesome Instruction:

When we hold any group training session with multiple training stations, we apply the circle of awesome instruction to the work interval of each exercise station.

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So, if we were to apply this to a 45 second station:
1. 0 – 10 seconds —> SET UP:
Give clear instructions & teaching points

2. 10 – 30 seconds —> WORK THE ROOM:
Give teaching points, make corrections and start bringing in some motivation

3. 30 – 45 seconds —> BRING IT HOME:
Time to let your personality shine through, get louder substituting teaching cues with motivation & encouragement.

Get a timer so you can watch the participants. don't stay rooted in the same place looking at your watch counting down time.

By splitting the work interval roughly into 3 sections, we find that we’re able to provide the group with enough coaching tips, get in and correct those individuals that need our help, and still make time to ensure that the group is motivated to work at 100%!

 Watch the video below of an outdoor training & bootcamp session during the EPTI advanced personal trainer diploma.