10 More Things You Must Do As A Personal Trainer

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1. Always be professional. Be there when you said you would be there, make sure your appearance and hygiene are impeccable. Make sure the client is the focus of your attention the whole time you are with them. Always give 100% !!

2. Make sure that everyone knows that you do a great job…

3. When you start with a new client….always get as many baseline “before” measurements as possible. Take circumference measurements, weight, skinfold measurements, and PHOTOS!

4. Then, track and record your client’s progress as they make their journey towards achieving their goals. Make regular re-appraisals, take progress measurements and continue to take lots of photos.

5. With attention to detail and effective measurement, the quantifiable results will speak for themselves. Now its time for you to shout about YOUR client’s success. Use social media for this purpose and make sure you publicly congratulate your client for all their hard work and achievement.

6. Go that extra mile for your clients. Keep in touch with them when you are not training them, send them information that they might be interested in and engage them via social media. Show them that you care!

7. Identify socially influential people in your area/ health club. Encourage them to try a free or discounted training session(s) with you. You will reap the return in referrals and word-of-mouth commendations that they will go on to give.

8. Fire negative clients. If the time spent with them is draining you of the will to live, cut your losses and let them know that the dynamic is not working. Its best for both parties..the client is not going to get the best out of you and you owe it to yourself and your reputation to train only the people who want to do what it takes to get results. Remember, your clients’ progress and results reflect on YOU.

9. Surround yourself with a good network of people that you have confidence in, should you need to refer your client .. Masseurs, physios, nutritionists etc. Again, this “team” will reflect on your own professional image.

10. Never stop learning!… Continue to educate yourself and constantly grow and evolve yourself as a fitness professional to take in all of the new trends and research.