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As many of our PT Diploma students are based in Malta, Spain and scattered across mainland Europe in general, we thought that we'd put together a short blog to help students join EREPS should they wish to.

It’s an extremely easy process, since the Active IQ qualifications are recognised by both REPS and CIMSPA in the UK who both have qualification standard agreements with EREPS in Europe.


The EREPS Registration Process:

1. Click on the EREPS Membership Registration page:

2. Once on this page, you will need to upload your CV and digital scans of your official fitness certificates for the level you choose. Be aware that the Active IQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor certificate is Level 3 in EREPS; and the Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer certificate is Level 4 in EREPS.

3. The cost for 1 year’s membership of ERPES is €30. EREPS will review your application and if you have qualified through EPTI and had the relevant Active IQ certificates, you will soon be accepted as a professional member of EREPS.

4. You will need to provide details of your indemnity insurance policy. For our Personal Training Diploma graduates in Malta, we have partnered with a Maltese insurance company who can provide a tailored professional indemnity insurance product to safeguard your liability in the case of injury or an accident. The cost of 1 year’s insurance is approx €120-€150 depending on location.

Kindly note that our partner insurance company in Malta require you to be a member of EREPS before they issue cover. Therefore, when making the initial EREPS application, tick the option of “not yet insured and not yet practising” to obtain your membership number.
Once you have then obtained your insurance, upload your insurance details and quickly amend your EREPS membership to “practising PT with insurance” by ticking this option.

Malta Indemnity Insurance Application:

Click the link below to request an insurance application form (Malta only).
Please give your full name and Maltese ID number for our reference.


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